A range of features now make a big part of the admin process between Company and Crew much easier, with information and material being sent directly to your device whenever you're online, together with alerts and notifications to keep you reminded and updated. This includes access to your documentation, flight details, contract, payroll and allotments, as well as company news and activities, plus more.

Stay up-to-date: Notifications on new assignments, flights, payslips, expiring documentation, among other

Itineraries: Travel information on hand, including flight info & port agent contacts

Important contacts: Always stay connected with the most current useful contact information

Vessel location: Check the location of your vessel via the Vessel Tracker feature

Be social & interact: The ‘Who's Around’ feature allows you to locate & chat with other Marlow seafarers in your vicinity

News & info: Latest company press releases & official Newsletter

Plus many more features to come in later versions

For more information, visit https://marlow-navigation.com/en/crewcompanion