Please follow these steps in order to access the course and generate the ‘Verification of Training’ certificate: 

1. Login:

Company name = marlow  

Login = Marlow ID number  

Password = date of birth ( 

2. In home page click “search”. 

3. In the search bar, type “Pre-departure” and hit enter. Course will appear below and become available for selection. 

4. Click on the course and thereafter click on the “start this activity” button, to start the course. 

5. By the end of each chapter, click the “return to the Menu to view another chapter” button, till you go through all the chapters. 

Please ensure that all modules of this Rapid E-learning course are completed and show (100%).   

Once done, please issue your Verification of Training certificate and send it to your Manning Agent or Crew Superintendent:   

1. Select Profile from the main menu 

2. Select Records and then Rapid E-Learning

3. You should see an entry for the PDB with completion status = completed

4. Click the blue Details button 

5. Click the blue Print Details button

6. Your certificate will be generated as a PDF file. You can now download, save, print and send it via email as required