After the login select the Search tab and then search using either the module number (if known) or the name of the training. Click on the course name to start the E-Learning module.  

Alternatively, you may click the Ocean Library tab, where you will be able to go through and view all the available training categories / e-learning and rapid e-Learning modules.

Note: in case you cannot locate the required training please contact your respective agent or Crew Supt as appropriate. 

The minimum company requirements for a valid / acceptable training are the following:

  1. 75% overall score on the end assessment
  2. and at least 90% completion of the training material

The E-Learning modules do not need to be completed in one session. Whenever you complete a training session the system will ask whether you need to delete or submit your results.

Delete =   Session will be terminated, and results will be lost.

Submit = Module results will be submitted - Option only possible once the required score has been obtained. 


When resuming a session, the system will give 3 options (CONTINUE, FIRST PAGE and CLEAR BOOKMARK).  If you select First Page, or Clear bookmark then the previous session will be deleted, and you will start the training from the beginning. Please press CONTINUE, if you would like to resume session from where it was left.