You can access both the Pre-Departure document checklist and your own Custom / Personal checklists via the main menu

 Pre-Departure document checklist

This tool is designed to help ensure that you take all necessary and requirement documents with you when travelling to the vessel.  It automatically lists all documents that are required for your next assignment. Items should only be marked as DONE once the corresponding paper document has been added to your baggage.

As you access your Pre-departure checklist, you can mark an entry as DONE by click the box on the left.  Entries marked as DONE are moved the 'Completed Tasks' list at the bottom of the screen.  

For some entries you will also be given the option to mark the entry as 'not required'.  If applicable, you will see the option to select 'SKIP'

Some entries cannot be removed from the list because actions are required.  

These entries marked with the following symbol:

These documents can only be removed once the document has been obtained and sent to Marlow.  Once received, we shall update your database file and then you will be able to mark the entry as DONE (of course, after adding the original document to your baggage).

You can also return items marked as DONE back to your PENDING list by simply uncheck the box on the item.

 Personal Checklists 

You can also create your own personal checklists in order to assist your preparations for departure.  

Click the icon to create your new checklist and give it an appropriate name

By creating a new personal checklist you are automatically navigated to add an item. With the “Enter” button on the mobile keyboard you are navigated to add the second item and so on. When you are finished then you Save the checklist and all items you added are becoming available to be checked/unchecked/deleted.

Items can be marked as 'completed' by checking the boxes on the left.

To rename/edit an entry you need to click on the three dots and then you can amend the entries of that checklist

When required, you can also delete the entire checklist by swiping left on the corresponding entry